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Answering Business Transaction Questions

Business transactions can be complex whether you are facing your first or 10th. Having a skilled attorney on your side can ease your burden. At The Smith Firm, P.C., we can provide you with solutions as well as answers to your more difficult questions.

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Answering All Of Your Business Transaction Questions In Oregon

At our law firm, we receive many questions regarding business transactions, including:

What are business law transactions?

As a practice area, business transactions cover a wide range of topics. From contracts to mergers and acquisitions to business formation to purchasing property, our firm must stand ready to handle a broad range of cases for our Washington clients.

Do I always need to pursue litigation?

Certainly not always. Traditional courtroom litigation typically becomes a reality only if a dispute arises during the transaction. Anything from a boundary dispute to a quiet title action might halt a transaction in favor of getting a judge's ruling on a specific matter.

What are mediation and arbitration?

Mediation is a process where the parties meet with a third-party neutral mediator who attempts to help either side come to a solution to their case without having to go to trial. Arbitration is where both parties agree to have a neutral arbitrator decide the outcome of their matter after hearing both sides. This avoids the costs and time associated with a trial.

Is it complicated to pursue business expansion?

Business expansion can mean different things across different organizations. From purchasing property and constructing new buildings to hiring a larger workforce to run a new product line, you might face unforeseen complications. Working with a skilled attorney throughout the process can help you avoid problems.

Do I need an attorney when buying a franchise?

While purchasing a franchise might seem contractually straightforward, there might be considerations you are not seeing. An attorney can do a historical analysis on the property you have selected to uncover environmental concerns or challenges previous owners have faced. In short, it is wise to consult with a lawyer who can help you avoid unnecessary problems.

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