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Answering Business And Commercial Litigation Questions

Answering your business litigation questions is important to our attorney at The Smith Firm, P.C. Whether you have transaction business needs or complex commercial litigation problems, we can provide you with solutions as well as answers to your more difficult questions.

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Answering All Of Your Business And Commercial Litigation Questions In Oregon

At our law firm, we receive many questions regarding business disputes and litigation, including:

What Is Commercial Litigation?

Commercial litigation in Oregon is when any legal dispute between two or more companies ends up in court or arbitration.

Are There Any Alternatives To Litigation?

Yes. We always attempt to negotiate with the other side in order to save you the time and money associated with going to court. We can also use alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation to avoid litigation.

What Are Mediation And Arbitration?

Mediation is a process where the parties meet with a third-party neutral mediator who attempts to help either side come to a solution to their case without having to go to trial. Arbitration is where both parties agree to have a neutral arbitrator decide the outcome of their matter after hearing both sides. This avoids the costs and time associated with a trial.

What Are Common Types Of Business Litigation?

Common issues involved in business or commercial litigation matters include business torts, contract disputes, noncompete agreement issues, trade secret and copyright litigation, shareholder disputes, and more.

What Should I Do If I Am Involved In A Business Dispute Or Litigation?

You should consult with an experienced lawyer immediately. The outcome of your case could drastically impact your business operations. By putting our team in your corner, you can be assured that we will advocate to protect your interests in and out of the courtroom.

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