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Answering Your Commercial And Residential Real Estate Questions

At The Smith Firm, P.C., we are dedicated to seeing that your real estate problems are resolved and that you get the answers you seek for your difficult questions. Attorney Dave Smith can help you through any residential or commercial real estate matter.

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Answering Your Difficult Commercial And Residential Real Estate Questions

What Are Common Issues That Arise In Real Estate Litigation?

Common issues that arise can include trespass, boundary issues, adverse possession, purchase-sale agreement concerns and lease disputes. There are many issues that could arise, so speaking with a skilled attorney is a wise decision in order to safeguard your interests.

How Long Will Real Estate Litigation Take?

Real estate litigation can be quick and painless, or very complex and drawn-out. It all depends on your unique situation and the ability of your lawyer to negotiate and fight for your rights.

Can I Avoid Litigation For My Real Estate Matter?

Yes. Mediation and arbitration are possible options. Our team will work with you to explore every available option for your circumstances.

What Do I Do If I Am Ready To Buy A Home Or Investment Property?

First, analyze your situation and determine if you have saved enough for a down payment; if you have a decent credit score, how you have handled your debts and other payments. It is also smart to discuss your options with a skilled residential real estate attorney at our firm to learn more about all your options.

What Are Good Questions To Ask When First Looking At A Property?

It is always good to ask what needs to be replaced, if there are mold issues, how the foundation is holding up and when was the roof last replaced. You also want to be sure to check the appliances and the HVAC to see that they work properly and learn about the neighborhood in general.

Contact An Experienced Real Estate Attorney

If you still have more questions, feel free to contact an attorney at our West Linn or Portland, Oregon, law office. We will provide you with detailed answers to any real estate question you may have.