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Representing Clients Through Boundary Disputes

No matter the complexity of your real estate transaction or how long you have owned property, a boundary dispute can be common. Border disagreements or boundary disputes can result from numerous issues, including outdated, misfiled or incorrect deeds, infringement on boundary lines and other issues.

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While boundary disputes can cover a wide range of legal situations, there are typically two main categories.

Adverse Possession

  • This dispute centers on the actual ownership of the property. You might have heard the phrase “squatter’s rights.” An individual who resides on your property for an extended period might legally be allowed to claim ownership if certain conditions are met. For example, as the property owner, you must be able to prove that the trespasser had ill intentions or knew that the property didn’t belong to them when they occupied it.

Prescriptive Easement

  • This dispute centers on an individual’s right to use aspects or elements of the property. In arguing for a nonpossessory right to a specific use or activity, an individual might fight for a right to use a road that runs on another person’s property.

These matters can quickly become legally complex. It is crucial that you have an experienced attorney fighting to protect your best interests.

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